The Best of Bulgaria is a coffee-table book for your pocket, featuring all that is good about Bulgaria – its people, its nature, its cultural heritage, its tourism. It is available to download free of charge to enjoy on your iOS or Android tablets and smartphones, and is in Bulgarian and English languages, selectable with a click.

Here we feature a few extracts to give you an impression, but for a full and unique experience of this great country download the app and enjoy at your leisure.

The app sets out to answer two basic questions that we are all asked when we travel – “Where are you from?”- answer “Bulgaria”. Next question: “Bulgaria where’s that?” and next question: “What’s it like over there?”.

Introducing a preview of The Best of Bulgaria:


Bulgaria is to be found here…

“What’s it like over there?”, is best answered with random pictures of Bulgaria (each with on-off? explanatory text) followed by the reasons we LOVE Bulgaria… seven, and then seven more…


So, the seven reasons we LOVE Bulgaria begin with The Bulgarians themselves,  The Sea, The Mountains, and much more besides, and the seven MORE reasons include both the respect for Traditions, as well as the development of some things new – like Golf… – see below for all our loves…



Here we present one or two examples from each section, as well as from the works of the winners in the ‘Obichame Bulgaria’ Art Competition that we ran for Bulgarian children all over the world to tell us why THEY love Bulgaria. Get enthused here, but for full effect and enjoyment download the app to your tablet or smartphone.

How it all began? With The Best of Bulgaria Lite – a ‘teaser’ version for the iPad only, and a video, which is pretty much history now, but gives a flavour of the enthusiasm of the team, which remains as strong today.

Download The Best of BG today

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